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 Micomeseng Council

Micomiseng is situated at the centre of the Region of Rio Muni, at the neighborhood of the frontier with Cameroon. The crops found there are cocoa and coffee esentially.

The leprosy center situated in its outskirts together with the experiments conducted for the treatment of leprosy- in particular with the oil extrated from coloncba welwitschi girl- have originated from India, where it was described since the sixth cenyury b/c. From there it was spread through the south-east of Asia, the Midlle-east and from there to Afrca.

It was carried to Europe where it caused a diaster by romans and sarassins armies during the XIIIe century.

Since then, it has almost been eradicated there but is still found in Asia and Africa.

The vector of that disease was discovered in 1873 by a Norwegian physician called HANSEH. (*). 


Extract from touristic guide. Author:Manene Nsogo Juan


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